Resetting your conditioning so that you have control over your life

My Life is My Choice

The process of resetting your conditioning  is by changing your perceptions and programs that limit you and replacing them with empowering, supportive ones that will allow to make a radical difference in your life and take full responsibility for your actions and thoughts

The perception that you have of yourself dictates the reality that you live in

Taking full responsibility

See the comments from my clients

  • Patrice Lajeunesse
    Thank you Marc, by sharing and listening you opened my "eyes" to the "games" and programs that influenced my choices. Having my color and living it now carries a whole new meaning. Now I make my life choices
    Patrice Lajeunesse
  • Salim Mroue
    Kudos for Re7.
    A program that we all need to try even if we think everything is fine.
    I did not expect that in only 3 sessions I was able to start taking control over my life.
    Our brain and our body needs a Detox. A good Re7 is the perfect antidote.
    Salim Mroue
  • Martin DuTou
    The connection with Marc not only makes us feel good, but helps us find our own color
    Martin DuTou
  • Kim Dansereau
    Transforming our inner life is accessible to all of us. Quite often, we come across the path of outstanding people. Same as a magical moment that you at least expected, they help us light up our road so we can continue our journey and achieve our goal and dreams.
    Kim Dansereau
  • OS
    For me it was the most important experience of my life ... This day I started the meeting saying: "Marc, I want to free myself from the relationship I created with money! In short, other feelings that poison my life much more than the money that I did not miss elsewhere (but I did not see it).
  • Lyne.S
    We have all read or heard that we have to live in the present. So many books describe the beautiful theory but how to apply these methods, how to get there in our reality. When I first met Marc, I was in a total state of sadness and stress. From this first meeting I had already tasted ‘’ who I am ’’. No more no less. To savor what it is to be in the present moment.
  • M-F Goyette
    You accompanied me in a process of awareness with the senses ... and my life has been completely transformed since then. "My Life is My Choice". She has been guiding me for over 5 years now. Thank you for this gift that I appreciate every day
    M-F Goyette
  • Michèle Dansereau
    My experience with Mr. Mathys has been most rewarding. I am a healthcare professional. I am very busy and I can still make choices for myself more and more easily. I am also more effective in helping others because I manage to detach myself from their problems while being more attentive.
    Michèle Dansereau
  • Jean-Marc Nolet
    I had the chance to work with Marc and his Re7 formula, and that simply changed my life! In just 3 meetings, he was able to target the sources of my anxiety and remove them with tools that I still use today.
    Jean-Marc Nolet

Marc Mathys

My life coaching practice is based on a powerful process that I developed

More than 10 years as a Life Coach Practitioner with a background in human deprogramming


Nutrition and lifestyle 

Applied modern psychology

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy


I’m so confident in Re7 that I put in a money back guarantee

After using Re7 for 30 days and you’re not convinced that this new way of thinking is for you,I will refund you 100% 

Master Your Life by Resetting Your Conditioning

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